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Who we are


Biogen is a global technology leader and manufacturer of clean energy solutions through gasification of a wide variety of biomass and organic waste.

Biogen manufactures modular and scalable gasifier solutions from 200 KWe to 1.2MWe equivalents which when deployed can be installed in parallel to meet the gas volume requirements of the site (200KW-20 MW) and effectively size projects to the availability of the various feed stocks.   All Biogen units are shipped in cargo containers to the final destination where Biogen personnel commission the units.

In addition to our in-house site design and service capabilities, Biogen has strategic alliances with world class EPC and operating companies around the world that can provide complete turnkey solutions utilizing our Gasifiers.

Our commercial production facility is strategically located in Dominican Republic with the installed capacity to produce up to 150 MW per year of gasification capacity.



Our Mission

Biogen is a company oriented to innovate through design and manufacturing of renewable energy through gasification of biomass. We exceed customer expectations by partnering and providing the best technology, the most reliable products to ensure their success, and energy independence.

Our employees recognize we are citizens of the world; with social responsibility to collaborate with our communities, environmental responsibility education, and by leading to a cleaner- safer environment now and the future.

We foster behaviors of empowerment through our people, and promote a moral consciousness towards a healthy workforce, families and productive green communities. We create wealth for all of our stakeholders.


Our Vision

Improving lives by harnessing nature’s energy through the Power of Biogen Gasification Solutions.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Integrity & leadership. Act responsibly by doing what is right, and set the example.
  • Ingenuity that is creative, novel, and makes us better than anyone else.
  • Empowerment & achievement. Promote pride & active involvement from all, in pursuit of excellence.
  • Do it right, and do it best, first time, every time.
  • Service & commitment. Exceed customer expectations by having the best solutions and performance.
  • Social responsibility. Improve the communities in which we live.
  • To allow us to continue to “Make a Difference” for the future.


img_547f2544dbed8Biogen is a global leader through innovation, design and manufacturing of renewable energy solutions. Our state of the art gasification technologies convert various organic feed stocks in an affordable and competitive alternative energy which competes aggressively with today’s fossil fuel based technologies .

We are committed to providing the best technology, modular product, services of the highest degree of reliability. We use the highest grade materials and assembly processes embracing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. This is a foundation to support our mission to superior solutions, which convert waste streams to energy and work in environmental compliance.

We foster employee responsibility to collaborate, challenge our ideas, embrace our common goals, and work diligently our internal and external communities, educate environmental responsibility, and always comply with the legal requirements. We support empowerment, innovation and promote behavior of self responsibility through our people to develop continuous improvement in our product and processes. All our employees have the ability to stop, and prevent defects or flaws from escaping our process.

We promote moral consciousness towards a healthy workforce, families, and productive green communities! We are building new solutions and making a difference in the lives of people today and forging new opportunities for our communities and environment for a better tomorrow, in a socially responsible manner.