Manufacturing Overview

Biogen has an extensive 35,000 sq/ft manufacturing space, ISO certified, with capabilities dedicated to the fabrication of our Biomass Gasification Solutions with a capacity to produce 150MWe equivalent per year. In addition to our in-house fabrication solutions we have strategic supplier alliances which provide us lead-time and technical advantages.

We manufacture customized precision machine work, biomass gasifiers including electronic controls, software, conveyors, vertical biomass dryers, stainless steel tube and precision cutting for stainless steel.   All Biogen gasifiers are constructed from stainless steel providing exceptionally long life.

Strategic Suppliers

Biogen is strategically partnered with the finest partners to provide turnkey service around the world. Our team is capable of supplying Biomass to Energy/Heat Facilities utilizing Biogen designed solutions.

From Biomass Gasification to site engineering, construction and turn-key projects, complying with your local regulations. Our “critical to quality suppliers” support us in our mission for delivering the highest-quality products on time, within budget that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Precision Machining

Biogen has the latest machining technology to deliver parts with exceptional quality on time. We have years of experience in precision close tolerance milling and turning ranging in a wide assortment of materials. We employ the latest cutting edge milling and turning equipment in the industry, thereby allowing for efficient manufacturing.

Our machining work is backed by extensive personnel knowledge and experience coupled with an industry best in class CAD system.

Factory Floor


Biogen maintains a diversified services portfolio to meet the demands of our business in the following areas:

  • Complete system design and assembly
  • Supply chain/procurement/DFM
  • Precision sheet metal fabrication
  • Precision machining/welding
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Site design, EPC and on-site installation support
  • On-going spare parts, service and operational maintenance
  • Quality control

Engineering Support and Services

Our Engineering Group supports all phases of the manufacturing process from the conceptual phase of product development through prototype and production, to ensure the lowest cost design and highest quality in the industry.  We constantly deploy the most advanced software in the industry from automation of manufacturing, quality, and test to simulation.

Quality Control

At Biogen our Quality Management System ISO certified to ensure a systematic process-based approach to operations management, designed to deliver the highest quality.

Our accurate and continuous awareness of conformance provide real product value. Processes are controlled to eliminate waste and cost from the process at each step from contracting, design, sourcing, manufacturing, finance, and customer service.  Our climate controlled lab, our equipment, personnel and test processes generate certificates of compliance that accompany every production unit.

We drive customer success through our:

Quality Policy:

  • Quality customer service
  • On time deliveries
  • Competitive pricing
  • Commitment of compliance and continuous improvement

We are committed to:

  • Working pro-actively with our customers
  • Responding to customer needs
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement
  • Maintaining the highest levels of customers satisfaction ratings
  • Maintaining superior and increasing returns on our revenues and assets
Biogen Reactor